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This should be built into a consistent list of references to sources quoted elsewhere on this site. Please bear with us as it becomes more complete. Please note that we can't pass on copies of these - many of them we don't have decent copies of anyway - sorry. UTR is Underneath The Rock, the late in-house publication of the Reptile House.

  • BVP `Baron von paranoid!', David Cavanagh. Select ?c. 1992
  • EAA `Excess All Areas', Chris Roberts. Melody Maker October 6 1990
  • C10 Correspondence Thing, UTR 10
  • C14 Correspondence Thing, UTR 14
  • ATF 'After the Flood', Ted Mico, Melody Maker, 14 November 1987.
  • R1L Interview with Janice Long, Radio 1, November 1987.


Thanks go to the following, who have contributed information, answered questions and given suggestions. Apologies to anyone we've overlooked.

Kevin Bonham, Dr C, Oliver Duke-Williams, Sarah Froggatt, Marshall Hullin, Andrew Kennedy, Christian Müller, Chris Sampson, Volkmar Seliger, Andrius Sytas, Wim Vandeputte, Panu Virtanen

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