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After Vision Thing

His fight goes on and on and on,
But he thinks that the fight is worth it all,
So he strikes...

Don Black / John Barry, Thunderball

This page is currently used to list the new Sisters songs that have been emerged since the Vision Thing album. For most of this time the band considered themselves to be on strike, hence the introductory quote. The news that normal service was to be resumed came late in 1997, together with news about the SSV album. Some reorganisation of the pages is probably in order...

With the exception of Under The Gun they are not available on any official releases, but have been performed live many times. The older ones are available on a variety of CD bootlegs and live tapes, the more recent ones will no doubt soon become available. Keep 'em peeled!

(all of these yet to be done; sorry that the details are a bit trainspottery so far)

Under The Gun

Come Together

This was introduced on the Overbombing and has been a staple of the live set ever since.

War On Drugs

Introduced at the warm up gig in Leeds on the Distance Over Time tour in 1997.


Introduced at the Manchester gig during the Distance Over Time tour.

(We Are The Same) Suzanne

Introduced at the Erlangen gig on the Event Horizon tour in 1998.

When the lyrics were available, they were accompanied by the following comment:

Note: the vocal switches between English and German pronunciations of the name Suzanne, which is a deft - and mellifluous - twist in a song about "sameness". Draw your own conclusions.

Romeo Down

Introduced at the Erlangen gig on the Event Horizon tour in 1998.

Will I Dream

Introduced at the Munich gig on the Event Horizon tour in 1998.

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