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1959 and all that
I don't believe in the freedom of interpretation - Andrew Eldritch

These pages are intended to form a reference guide to the lyrics of songs by the top intellectual thrash skiffle outfit, The Sisters Of Mercy.

The songs are indexed:

  • Chronologically

    The main index, with pointers to sections devoted to each album / era of the Sisters

  • Alphabetically

    Amazingly enough, an alphabetical index of song titles.

The question of the validity of the comments on these pages is one that shouldn't be begged, and so some pre-emptive defence is given in the page 'About the interpretations', and there are also some answers to a few miscellaneous questions.

A note: Under de-construction

This is very much a prototype set of pages. Comments on style, structure and contents to 1959aat@geocities.com are encouraged, but please don't bother pointing out that most of the pages are empty.

What these pages are not about

These pages are not intended to provide the following things:

  • General information about the Sisters

    There are several Sisters web sites which can furnish you with discographies, FAQs, pictures and all that sort of gubbins, some of which are listed on the links page.

  • Verbatim text of the lyrics

    The lyrics are copyright and (with a few exceptions) are readily available, either as sleeve notes, or in the book Postcards From Above The Chemist. There are also numerous web sites which include the lyrics, which you should be able to find using any half decent search engine.

Miscellaneous web issues

These pages should display properly on any browser, and are checked using recent versions of Lynx and Netscape. Please let me know if any of the mark-up makes things difficult to read.


I don't want to end up in court defending this stuff when some 10 year old in Nebraska gets found - Andrew Eldritch

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